Since monsoon is started its bit of risky and as you know travelling and risk runs parallel so if you are a person who likes and enjoys rain pack your bags and go for it. Don't forget to carry your basic essentials (raincoat, umbrella, waterproof bag etc) which is required in monsoon.
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Thanks Suyash, I will keep that in mind. (y)
Mar-Jun, Oct-Nov is the best time to visit Tirthan Valley March to June and October to November are the best months to visit Tirthan Valley. January-February is also good for those who are looking for snow and can handle extremely cold conditions. It is in full bloom during the spring season. Packed with lush green mountains and orchards full of luscious apples, this small place is a paradise for travellers in the season. Summers are warm not very hot. However, winters are freezing cold. If fishing is on your mind, March to October is the right time for a visit. The monsoon season of July-August experiences intense rainfall and hence decreases visibility.
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Thank you so much Siddharth :)
Depends whether you want to trek or just chill. Should ballpark a 4-5 day stay at under 20k
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Of course, I am not including trek gear here.
Hi Shaswat. It includes travel to-and-fro from Chandigarh. That, stay, food, etc and a trek if you're planning to do one.
Hi! Thanks for replying. I am planning for both. But isn't the cost little high?
It's going to be very rainy in August. Do go to Gushaini and stay at All View Cottage. Superb place.
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Thanks for recommending. I will surely give it a thought. :)