Hey! writers with the maximum credits in a month get some sort of a benefit like a free trek or a holiday!
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Hey Radhika, there are lot of things you can use your Tripoto Credits for. When you write a trip you get credits and we also reward the top two contributors on Tripoto at the end of every month. We maintain a Tripoto Leaderboard, which displays the top contributors and where you stand on the list. You can also apply those to get discount on selected packages. You can earn Tripoto credits by writing genuine, high quality content that is useful for a large number of travellers. For each content contribution you get between 0-100 points, and the points are usually credited to your profile within two working days. The points are decided based on feedback from our editorial team and our internal quality score algorithm. You can also earn Tripoto credits by asking and answering travel questions posted by members of the community on the Tripoto Forum. Travellers are full of queries and you can use this space to gain some perspective before planning a trip.
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On the trip offering by tripoto. You can redeem it and can travel for free.
How and where use this credits ?
Tripoto Credits give you access to exclusive prizes, discounts, and special deals.You can redeem your credits in exchange of paid holidays and another offers.