You go in group,it will not be beyond 20k/person including transport. Using govt. transport and staying and eating local are cheap and safe in group.
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Very expensive. thanks though
25k per person will be enough in big group of 10. overall 2.5lac for 10days in spiti is handsome amount.
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That's far too expensive
40-45 thousand for proper car,lodging and food. though option of 10 thousand is also available.
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Around 35-40 K.
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Very expensive
Check the whole 16 day itinerary here, you can break it down to 9 days as well, depends upon the mode of transportation used:
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Very expensive it is
In group it will cost 25k minimum 6-8 person..and solo will 38k. or take help with any guide
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We are actually a group of 4 and 25k means 1L. it's too expensive
Hey, for other options you can visit my youtube case you like..or find helpful.pls do subscribe :) Travel safe, travel smart !
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But I didn't get any videos on spiti
If you plan from Delhi to Delhi, per person it will cost maximum 15-18 K. Doesn't matter if you are travelling solo or in group.
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I will be starting from kolkata and in that case the cost will be more. it's very expensive
Anywhere between 30k to 40k
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O. that's far too expensive
My Budget trip was for 8k.
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Please share your itinerary
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Approx 30k and best experience will be a bike trip .. u can hire a bike nd make the best of your days..
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