Hi Abhishek it's a good idea to visit Rann of Kutch. Their biggest festival organizes every year that is "Rann Utsav". This year started and their date is 28 oct 2019 to 23 feb 2020. Visit at least once i am sure worth your money. If you want to more information visit:
Yes. New year is the best time to visit Kutch, because it's times in Rann Utsav festival organize and Rann Utsav is amazing festival of Kutch. started from 28 October to 23 February. If you planning to visit Kutch then check the affordable Kutch tour package:
I am planning too but in the last week most probably. Your dates?
If you are really planning for the Rann of Kutch then your should plan in such a way that you can visit Rann Utsav during Full Moon Night as you will witness the great White Desert of Kutch under the full moon night it it gives you amazing look and great feeling as there is full moon above the head and white desert below your feet and this is upto the where your eyes can see. You can Book Rann Utsav Customized and Fixed Packages according to your need. Book Now and also include various location as suggested by local Kutch Tour Guide.
Its better to stay in camps in white sands. Do attend the run of kutch festival during that time.
Hey Abhishek, The Rann of Kutch festival is one of the must attend festivals of India ... and asking for suggestions ... Well, there are many and few written down here for you :- Check for the full moon nights ... visit Gandhi nu Gum school Go to Kalo Dungar Go and Visit Bhuj which is 80 Kms from Rann of Kutch dont miss vijay Vilas palace and mandwi beach And. .... Check this below mentioned blog by Akansha for all the details about stay ... booking ... roaming ... Places ... time ... and what not ... :- Happy Travelling Bro!!!
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Welcome Bro ...
Thank you Anil
The Rann of Kutch festival starts from November and lasts till February. And also Visiting during this time will be good. You can check their official website to book your trip.
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There are packages for 1N/2D, 2N/3D, 3N/4D so you can choose according to your budget.
How many should be the ideal days for someone to explore Kutch?
Share the official site's URL please.
Don't book packages they are very high priced you can find good hotel in bhuj or at white desert within 500-1000 of range and go locals over there