Well I have been to Malaysia and according to me it is full of modern history. I have seen the zoo there and it is worth to visit. I don't prefer visiting the Batu caves. Shopping is good but don't expect to get valuable items from Chinatown. If you need to buy good and cheap things then visit Indian street.
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Hey Bhargavi , You have choosen the right place to visit for a perfect vacation. But Kuala Lumpur isn't a place to finish within a span of 7 days . But this will help you the most i'm sure . DAY 1 : Arrived . You'll be probably tired after a night long journey so have yiur breakfast and take rest . Alter on pay a visit to a currency exchanger and get your RM so that you can start spending. Take a monorail from the nearest station and go to KLCC TWIN TOWER. If you have time , then go to the Aquarium which is situated under the KLCC and is a must to visit. DAY 2 : Make your way to Batu Caves and you'll amazed at the sight of thousands of Indians worshiping the giant idol of Vishnu and you've to climb a 300+ steps to reach the top to glimpse of the god and the age old rock structures. In the evening go to the KLCC TOWER which is also a manificient building. From here you'll get a view of the entire city . There's a lot more to do from a hieght of 300 ft. above . DAY 3 : Take a bus from KL CENTRAL and go to the Geting Highdlands , the most interesting hotel in South East Asia , with over 6000 rooms , painted in VIBGYOR. From having casions , swimming pools to amusement parks, this place has it all. It will take an entire day on this trip. DAY 4 : Take a bus again from KL CENTRAL and pay a visit to Melaka . For once you'll feel that you lnded up in Venice. It is an amazing ride through the canals . After the lunch you mist visit the Kuala Lumpur Zoo . Here you can taje pictures with a Macaw, an Orangutan, a bunch of Flamingos and even with an Anacondo. There are a lot of animals and you really need to know them . There is a beautiful show of birds at 4p.m. which is a must to visit. DAY 5 : You can explore the blues , the pure waters and beaches of Kuala Lumpur by going to Lankawi . You definately have to stay for one day in order to discover the islands and people of this country. The see food is must to try. DAY 6 : Return to Kuala Lumpur and discover the local areas. There are a lot of Local sight seeings . Like the Imperial House of the Prime Minister and the beautiful Mosques . DAY 7 : If you are missing India then you must visit mini India which is excatly near the KL Central and you won't feel that you're out of India. There are small temples, Indian Saree shops, Jewellery shops and what not.Inthe evening you shoukd go to BUKIT BINTANG ,an extraordibary place surrounded by 12 magnificient malls with mouthwatering shopping variety . Always carry your identity proof. Getting cabs is easier and way cheaper and they won't refuse you ever even when you want to travel to a 5 min walking distance. Always keep watching the price of the money and get it exchanges where the rate is high. Try Sushi if you havn't tried yet. That's all ! Happy Journey !
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That's quite a detail thank you
You can use Google trips to plan day wise itinerary. just put the location and it will plan for you
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Thank you! that's helpful
HI, I can help you with the Langkawi Malaysia Langkawi : Happy Travelling! Thanks, Yasmin
Visit KLCC park , Petronas towers , Batu caves , Sunway Lagoon , if you have time try the cable cars too