Budget maybe around 6-7k and no you cannot ride bike to Kheerganga.. you can only trek on foot!! but make sure you start your trek in daytime only..
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Thank you, can you tell me from I need to start the trek?? And I am planning to visit in March, is it good time to visit??
Hi Pratik, 1) The budget totally depends on how you are going to spend. There are various types of hotels where you can stay and the budget depends on your need and season/month when you are going to visit. On a rough basis it will be around 7-8k including all the basic expenditure. 2) You can ride a bike from Manali to Kasol which is around 75km where you can stay overnight and from there can ride to a nearby village 'Bharshaini' around 18km from Kasol. After that you have to trekk to kheerganga top. 3) Yes there are various private and Hrtc buses available between Manali and Amritsar. Hope it helps. Keep travelling.
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Thank you
Hey Pratik, Answers of your questions : 1) Total budget would be approx Rs 8000 per person including everything ( Skiing and Rafting ) 2) No, you cannot go to Kheerganga by any bike or cab. There is only one way that is Trekking. First you have to reach Bhuntar from Manali then take a direct bus to Barshaini. From there go to nearby Kalga village from where actual trek begins ( 12KM, 7 Hours ). There are also two other trekking routes to Kheerganga. 3) Yes, direct buses are available from Manali to Amritsar ( Check on ) Happy travelling!!!!!!
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Hi Pratik I have jSolo Female Trip - Mum-Amritsar-Manali-Del-Mum hu ust completed my solo trip to Manali . U can check it
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Thanks Nikki
Hello pratik, 1.your budget depends on you as which all places you are planning to visit and stay for hotelt. But approximately it should be around 10k. 2.yes you can ride bike to kheerganga. can find many travels to take the bus to amritsar. Enjoy travelling!!!
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No you cannot ride bike to kheerganga bro.. don't misguide -_-
Yes you can travel by bus too take bus from bhuntar. d no u should trek when u want to exploring kheerganga cuz only trekking options is available but u can take ur bike upto barshani last point after than just trek to kheerganga..
Hi, i can help you with Manali trip Happy Travelling! Thanks, Yasmin
Budget totally depend on ourselves. U can ride bike till kasol and tosh after that u will have to trek for kheerganga. Volvo from amritsar leaves around 6 pm.
Hey budget should be approximately 8k. You need to trek to Kheerganga. You can have a look at my itenary if you want and there are buses available from Manali to Amritsar.
Hi pratik, budget totally depends on you how much you want to spend on food and accommodation. An Estimated cost would be 8 to 10k approx. You can ride bike up to barshaini only. After that you have to trek on foot to reach Kheerganga.