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Day 1 Take an overnight bus from Delhi. Reach Mandi next morning. From Mandi hop on another bus that drops you off at Ghatasni and from there you can finally take a bus or a shared cab and reach Barot. Check in to your guest house or homestay. Day 2 Engage in a few outdoor activities like angling and fishing. Go trekking around the village. The Barot-Kothi Kohr trek, around 4-6 hours, is a scenic trek. Day 3 - Head to Rajgundha which is 23km from Barot. Rajgundha Valley is a pristine valley that seems out of our times. There are many peaceful hikes that you can take from Rajgundha village. These hikes vary from a few hours to a few days. Choose one to your liking. Either you can stay the night in one of the campsites in Rajgundha or return to Barot. Day 4 - From Barot, visit the Barot Trout Farm, a 10-15-minute walk from Uhl barrage. Check out the haulage trolley system constructed in the 1920s by the British. Based on your Mandi-Delhi bus timing, start making your way back to Ghatasni and then Mandi.
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