Places and local food to explore in Rajkot, Gujarat?

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Kaba Gandhi no delo ( Home of Mahatma Gandhi) Gandhi Museum zoo Watson Museum Doll Museum
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A popular city on Saurashtra region with rich deep history, that this city is located on Kathiawar peninsula. Things to do in Rajkot Part 1: Hangout spots in Rajkot (Gujarat) Kindly check the above two Tripoto links for more details. Here is a list of local food you could bite in Rajkot. Handva is served with pickle Kadhi yoghurt dish Rotlo made out of maize Sev Usal a combo with pav Fafda a variety of jelabi Patra made out of Colocasia leaves Shrikhand a yummy sweet.
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Handva. Handva is one of the famous dishes of Gujarati. ... Thepla. Thepla is a dish invented by Gujarati people which eventually became famous all over the country. ... Kadhi. ... Undhiyu. ... Rotlo. ... Matla Undhiyu. ... Khichdi. ... Sev Usal.
You can try snacks at Labela Gathiya House, lunch or dinner at The Grand Thakar & Street food at Yagnik Road
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