Things to do in Rajkot Part 1: Hangout spots in Rajkot (Gujarat)

Photo of Things to do in Rajkot Part 1: Hangout spots in Rajkot (Gujarat) by Priyanshi Mehta

Rajkot is the capital city of Saurashtra, Gujarat and one of the main cities of Gujarat.

If you are on a trip and visit Rajkot, it will be one of the best choices you will make. There are tons of places in Rajkot you can explore. Plus, the people of Rajkot are very sweet and welcoming, making you feel at home. There are places for every age group here, kids, youth, grown – ups, old people, everyone. Let’s look into them!

(Just a short note, if you are worried about the health and sanitation facilities in Rajkot then, let me tell you that you can be fined up to 1000/- if you are found without a mask, and Rajkot is 11th cleanest city of India (2020) so you will be welcomed with good roads (however at some areas there maybe potholes and garbage at nooks).

1. Gandhi Museum – Gandhi Museum is a great place for tourists or explorers. It is a huge place with a lot of information about Mahatma Gandhi. This place can easily take up about 3 hours. You can also enjoy Laser Show in the Evening.

2. Watson Museum – Watson museum is the 2nd most important museums of Gujarat. It was built in the memory of Colonial John Watson, who used to collect information on Rajkot. Most of his collections, researches and artifacts are preserved here, including some other copies of Mohenjo-Daro carvings, statues, costumes, etc.

3. Kaba Gandhi no Delo – This is the place where Gandhiji spent some of his childhood days. You can take a peek into his life and see photographs, objects and other belongings of Gandhi. An NGO also runs sewing and embroidery classes for you girls over here.

4. Bhichari Temple – This temple on a small hill in Rajkot is very attractive. It has a small temple dedicated to Mata Bhichari. Sunrise here is worth the early rise. The view is also amazing and peaceful.

5. Pradhyuman Park – Descending from the way to Bhichari, you come across the famous Pradhyuman Park, (zoo), known for its large collection of endangered species. If you’re planning a trip to Rajkot, you cannot return without visiting this place. It is a vast area and has a lot of animals and bird species. It is a must-visit.

6. Funworld – Another famous place of Rajkot is Funworld, which is not only for the kids, but also the adults. With a lot of rides, activities and games, this place is always bustling. A visit here can be a great time killer and you will enjoy a lot here.

7. Aji dam – Built on the Aji river (lifeline of Rajkot), Aji dam is a damn beautiful place, and tourists never miss this spot. You can spend your morning here. It is also a great spot for photography because of its beautiful location and scenery.

8. Nyaari Dam – Another famous dam in Rajkot is the Nyaari Dam. People like to spend their mornings here because of its beauty. You can enjoy feeding fishes here, who eat anything you throw at them! Then you can find a place and sit peacefully. Few steps ahead, there is a terrace restro where you can have breakfast.

9. Iscon Temple – This temple dedicated to Shree Krishna is again a famous place in Rajkot. Also, people come from far just to eat ‘Iscon ni Khichadi’. The Aarti on Janmashtami at midnight is also very famous. So you can consider it.

10. Ishwariya Post – This is a garden, but over a very large area. Here you can go boating as well. There are also swings and slides for kids here. It is a great place for family picnics.

11. Chouki Dhani – Another well-known place in Rajkot is Chowki Dhani. It has a disco theque, puppet and magic shows, camel rides, delicious food and so much more at a very reasonable price. It is a very attractive destination both for locals and for tourists.

12. Race course ring – If you are not planning a hectic day and want to relax, this is probably the best places in Rajkot. It is a very popular hangout spot where you can sit on the outer ring (“padi”) or inside the garden. Then, there are a lot of options of food as well - thalis, fast foods, ice creams, shakes, you name it, you have it...

So, the next time you visit Rajkot, or if you are planning to right now, make sure to check these amazing places, and if you live in Rajkot, don’t call yourselves a Rajkotian if you haven’t been to these places already!

Hope this helped you, keep reading my blogs for more!