Himachal Pradesh is a paradise spot in India which is a popular, famous most visited tourist spot especially in summer. Will share a few Tripoto links written by travellers pertaining to their travel to Himachal Pradesh. See if it is suitable for your travel. https://www.tripoto.com/himachal-pradesh/trips/15-attractions-in-himachal-pradesh-8194 https://www.tripoto.com/himachal-pradesh/trips/offbeat-places-in-himachal-pradesh https://www.tripoto.com/himachal-pradesh/trips/this-winter-season-stay-in-these-homestays-and-b-bs-surrounded-by-nature-in-himachal-pradesh-5fe808c5080dc As far as cost is concerned if you are planning for 5N 6D it ranges between 19K to 25K. If you are planning for 3N 4D then the cost is between 10k to 12K. Here are some packages offered by Tripoto you might want to check. https://www.tripoto.com/shimla/tour-packages/scenic-shimla-and-manali-tour-163464255257 https://www.tripoto.com/collections/tour-packages/spiti-valley-fixed-departure-group-tour-2022-164477049984