Book Train Tickets From Now And Hotel also you can get cheap price at any of the app.if you helicopter ride then you have to pre book,or if you want 'paidal yatra' or Horse ride then their is no problem.go with full garment because in February month their will be cold.. Happy Journey
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Hi Neha! Here are some things you should keep in mind while planning your trip: 1. March to July is the best time to visit. 2. Pack raincoats and umbrellas. 3. Make advance bookings for where you plan to stay in Katra. 4. Decide how you're comfortable climbing. Walking with a baby might be difficult, so you can look into palanquins and ponies, or even a helicopter service. If you plan on walking, you should buy a baby carrier which can be strapped onto your back easily. Here are a few trips and holiday packages you can check out for more details and information. Happy Travelling!!
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Hi more thing is it difficult to climb paidal for 8-11 years children
Best is book you train now, if you travel dates are near by some festival better to book hotel as well, and yes it will be cold specially for 10 months baby, so take warm cloths for all of you, since you will not be able to get return helicopter but return side might be available ( once side ) if fesiable do that.. will save u lots of time. if you have extra time do visit shiv khori and Manasir lake. stay warm / stay blessed ( happy journey )
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No u can't wid 10 month baby because u HV to clime 12 k.m. there is no convenience .. if u HV enough money then I can go by holycopter ..only
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