You can go to Nag Tibba which is about 75 kms from Mussoorie. It's a good trek for beginners (9.5 kms). There is a stone trail along with some patches of forest area till the first base camp (7,627 feet) and above that (up to 9,915 feet) the whole terrain is in forest area where the shade of the trees relieves you from the excruciating heat. One can totally experience the best of nature with great flora and might get lucky enough to sight some wild animals (who are by the way completely harmless) Going from the first base camp to the Nag Tibba Summit, there is an old temple which is located about 1 km before the peak. So, it can be a great place according to your requirement.
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Thank you soo much
You can visit Kempty falls very beautiful place. Do visit Dhanaulti the view is amazing.
Dhanaulti is a must
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I already visit danaulti to chamba
Kempty falls is a great place
Sry bro no idea
Dalai hills buddha temple company's garden landour surkunda devi
Surkhanda devi(dhanaulti)
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I already visit there two years before yahh its sooo beautiful
Near Mussoorie you can go to following places: 1. Kempty Falls 2. Tiger Falls (a must go place) 3. Deoban 4. Chakrata 5. Dhanaulti(A road trip) 6. George Everest House 7. Lambi Dehra Mines(Haunted Place)
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Thank you for the list
Chakrata I fix to go I google it last week thank you
Try to walk from mall road to company will love it.Visit Chaar dukaan.