Except flights, 20 25k.(all inclusive)
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20k is good enough.
It really depends on what you want. An avg hotel would cost you about Rs3000 per night but if you want a villa, it would start from 10k per night. A 8-10 hour can again will cost you around 3K/day, so you can plan accordingly. Food, tickets to the tourist attractions, etc. aren't very expensive. Also, watersports are not great either, you can totally skip it.
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Both have their own charm, Cebu in the Philippines is a nice destination too, but I feel Bali gives you the best of both the worlds; the beaches and the mountains. Also, Bali is much more safe, so my vote goes to Bali :)
Bali is best for visit or phillipines
From Kolkata to Denpasar Flight fare will be around 18k Updown . And for 5 days in Bali you need around 25k . If you explore by yourself it's very cheap and budget friendly. Like take a International Driving licence if u want to rent a Bike . When I visited Bali I spent around 40k. If you want more details contact me
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Hi brother so is it compulsory to take the international driving license there?