Mukteshwar temple..
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You can go to sunoli, garam Pani.. these areas are near ranikhet..
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Thanks, Is there any hotels for stay at night
Boating at naini lake... snow view point...haidakhan ashrsm
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Hi Rishabh, If you are nature lover and don't like rush area, than you should go for it.Pangot is 15km above from nanital. Prons:- 1 Best location for nature lovers, Need peace and no rush area like nanital mall road. As there are few hotels 2 Good quality of food. 3 Bird watchers and lot of butterfly. 4 you can also do tracking for 2 km and can also enjoy waterfall area during that. 5 Good service and staff is very polite, cooperative & caring. 6 Fantastic view from hotel rooms. 7 Lot of spot points comes between nanital and pangot road. Like Cave garden,Snow view point, Mandir(Forget the name), nani lake view,lover point etc. Cons:- 1 No private parking at hotel & you have to keep vehicle on road. 2 Zero network zone at hotel and you have to go network point location point (This location will guide by hotel staff). Only Voda and Idea will catch signals at hotel sometimes with 1 or 2 signal bars. 3 There are total 8 rooms and each 2 rooms are interconnected with each other with single door and that is main disadvantage as there is no privacy at all. If you talk the other room people can listen and if they talk you can easily hear them too. So this thing keep you disturbed. 4 Solar water heater and no geyser. 5 Don't keep door opens after sunset as lot of insects will come inside your room.( It happens with all hotels in that area so hotel staff can't do anything and you have to take care yourself) 6 Narrow road towards pangot from nanital and this is my recommendation always reach hotel before sunset if you are driving by own or with family.As road is very creepy during night due to no vehicle moments and lights on road. 7 Never take extra bed without folding bed as i said earlier as its on hilly area lot of insects roam around and might be create trouble while sleeping on floor with extra bed.( Hotel doesn't have folding bed for extra person and offer you for bed on floor. But i was lucky one to get on single broken folding bed which they find in their store). 8 They don't have extra pillow and blanket when you ask for. 9 No market with only single shop with limited grocery which i found till now. You can check the attached article below for you planning. Hope this helps!
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Thanks mohit, this is the most relatable answer I am searching for. and I will take a note of your advice.
Being a localite ...there are many unexplored areas..where we usually plan our weekend picnics .. 1) Trekk till tiffin top 2)Cheena peak...people usually call it China peak.. 3)Hanuman ghari temple 4)ARIES observatory 5)Bhalugarh waterfall..around 50kms from nainital 6)Lake tour: Bhimtal..naukuchiyatal...sattal(this is not unexplored) 7)Kainchi Dham -Garam pani 8)Chaula ki jali and mukteshwar temple 9)Pangot-kilbury 10)Haira Khan there are many other can visit..
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Go to Khurpatal lake and Bheemtal Tea plant