Packing light for a solo traveller makes travel easy, still you can’t miss out on the following must packing items. Adapters Comfortable backpack Medical kit Wallet Some ready to eat food An empty bottle to refill water If you are travelling in summer carrying your dark glasses is a must, while during monsoon travel don’t forget raincoats, umbrella and insect repellent. Torch An extra pair of footwear and Locks to protect your backpack TSA locks are preferable. 5 Things You Absolutely Must Pack If You Are Going Travelling Kim check the above 👆Tripoto link for more details.
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I agree! If you are planning for any flights, using only a carry-on bag makes things so much faster and easier (plus no risk of lost luggage)
Just wear your confidence that's enough. just be confident enough rest you can manage everything.
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I would suggest if its your first time then plan a proper itinerary for the trip & learn about the place where you are going like the basic info. ▪︎ Take the important things like a First Aid kit, Your medicines if any. ▪︎ Bring proper clothes or accessories which you might need for the current weather condition for that place. ▪︎ Download Maps offline, so if needed you can have access to it even in no network condition. ▪︎ Keep the booking details handy.. like email the tickets/booking details to yourself or screenshot it or print it if you can. ▪︎ Bring a water bottle which you can refill.. Cost Effective + environmental friendly. ▪︎Very important be confident and enjoy your trip.. 😊👍🏻
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Thank you for your valuable info
If you a hard core traveler a camp, sleeping bag, solar power bank is your go to thing. In India you can camp almost every where except forest and military area. and it becomes very cheap and offordable of you camp on your own. also gives you an experience of wild life and adventure.
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