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21st Oct 2020

Explore the most Scenic Beaches of Goa

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Goa is the most popular Beach Vacation Destination in India. Travelers from around the globe started visiting Goa as soon as Goa got it's Independence from Portuguese Colonial Rule in 1961. In present days around 50 lakhs to 60 lakhs Tourists from all over India and across the Globe visit Goa each year to Cherish the Numerous Pristine Beaches, Stunning Waterfalls, Mystic Forests, various Watersports, and Colorful Festivals.

When it comes to Beaches Goa has a huge bounty to offer for Travelers. Spread across 160km Goa's coastline is dotted with hundreds of Beaches. Most of them are for Tourism purpose, a few used by Fishermen and there are a few which are Hidden and barely anyone will tell you about those secret beaches, or rarely visited by Travelers.

So in this blog I am going to tell you about -

5 Most Scenic & Secret Beaches in Goa - You must visit

1. Butterfly Beach - Butterfly beach is the most stunning and also a hidden beach, situated near Palolem beach in the southern most area of Goa. To reach to Butterfly beach you have to first reach to Palolem, Canacona region of South Goa. Butterfly beach got its name because of the semi circular shape of it. Butterfly is located on the northern most part of Palolem beach , which is cut but seawater and make it looks like a Island. A boat ride is a pleasant and easy way to get to the Island, but for adventurous souls there is a hike through the forest and hills from Palolem to this secluded Beach. Butterfly beach is also called Honeymoon beach as it a perfect place for Romance and relaxation and to get lost in a hidden beach. How to reach to Butterfly beach - Butterfly beach is just a short Boat ride away from Palolem beach. Palolem is 40 km away from Margao, and it takes 1- 1.5hrs. Palolem is 70km from Panjim and it takes around 2-2.5hrs. You can hire a Cab, the fare could vary depending on what kind of Car you are hiring or from which destination. One could also rent a Motorcycle or Scooter, which could be very cost affective, as the rent for Scooty in Goa is around Rs.350-450/ day plus fuel on your own. The cheapest option is Public Bus, you can catch a Bus from Panjim to Margao, then from Margao to Canacona.

2. Cola Beach - Another amazing secret beach of Goa is Cola beach which is also located in Canacona region of South Goa. Cola beach is a ideal escapade from regular touristy beaches. Cola is secluded and is cutoff by hills from rest of coastal part. The beach is surrounded by Forest, Cashew Plantation and Palm Groves which makes the landscape mesmerizing. The unique part of this beach is that there is a fresh water Lagoon which flows down from the hills and goes to the Arabia sea through the Cola Beach.

One can hire a Kayak for just INR 350- 400 for an hour and Kayak trough The Fresh Crystal Lagoon. Another amazing thing that Cola beach offers is - there are beautiful Huts on the beach and Café, so if you want to stay, it is really an good Option. How to Reach to Cola Beach - Cola beach is 64 km from Panjim , 35 km from Margao. Distance between Cola and Butterfly beach just 17 km, so you can visit both the beaches in one Day.

3. Kakolem Beach - Another Secret beach of Goa, many may not have heard about. But it is on of the scenic beaches in Goa. This beach is also surrounded by hills and forest, so get there is little tricky. Kakolem beach is ideal for Nature Lovers, Photographers and anybody who wants to get lost in a secluded and secret beach for a day. This beach has also a small spring which flows down to the sea from the hills. Kakolem beach is also located in the Southern region of Cananocna in Goa. So you can add Cola, Butterfly and Kakolem in your Itinerary and visit them all in one day. Or you can stay in Palolem / Agonda for few days and visit all these amazing beaches one by one on slow exploring pace. How to reach to Kakolem Beach - Kakolem beach is around 60km from Panjim and it takes around 2 hrs. The beach is 32km from Margao and it takes around an Hour.

4. Galgibaga Beach - Also famous as The Turtle Beach as this beach is one of the 3 Goan Beaches which are Nesting Sites for Olive Ridely Turtles. Galgibaga is pristine scenic beach which isolated through out the year as very few Travelers visit this place, though there are few Beach shack to offer Food & Drinks. The northern part of the beach is reserved as Nesting Site for the Olive Ridely Turtles by Goa Govt. So if you visit this beach from December to January you might witness Turtles laying eggs or Nesting. How to reach Galgibaga Beach - Galgibaga is around 18km away from Cancona region, around 44km from Margao, and takes little more than an hour. From Panjim Galgibaga beach is around 75km which takes around 2.5 hrs. by road.

5. Agonda Beach - Another scenic yet lesser known beach from Goa. Agonda is looks pretty dramatic which the rock formations on the southernmost part of the beach. Once even hike in the hilly forest adjacent to the beach. In the middle of the beach there there is Turtle center which you can visit. The Sunset at Agonda is one the best in Goa. Agonda beach because of Tranquility and scenic beauty is popular among Honeymooners. How to reach to Agonda Beach - Agonda is also situated in South Goa. It is a 2 hrs. journey from Panjim and around 70km. From Margao Agonda is 40km and takes little more than an hour.6

Things to Keep in Mind - Unfortunately we are infamous for littering Garbage everywhere an anywhere, Please Please do not do this. Nowadays in many places Garbage Bins are placed which were a rare luxury in India even a few years back, so please use them Always, and if there is no Garbage Bin, Please carry all your garbage with you back to the Hotel, as Hotels always has Garbage Bin, or until you find a Garbage Bin. India is blessed with one of the most Diverse & Stunning Landscape in the World, so please Preserve it and keep it clean.