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Chitwan National Park Wildlife and Luxury

18th Dec 2014
Photo of Chitwan National Park Wildlife and Luxury 1/5 by anu marwah
Photo of Chitwan National Park Wildlife and Luxury 2/5 by anu marwah
Rhino at Chitwan
Photo of Chitwan National Park Wildlife and Luxury 3/5 by anu marwah
Photo of Chitwan National Park Wildlife and Luxury 4/5 by anu marwah
Photo of Chitwan National Park Wildlife and Luxury 5/5 by anu marwah

Chitwan National Park is one of the premier reserves in Nepal. The World Heritage–listed reserve protects over 932 sq km of forests, marshland and rippling grassland, and is home to sizeable populations of wildlife. It’s little wonder this place is so popular.

Meaning ‘Heart of the Jungle’, Chitwan is famous as one of the best wildlife-viewing national parks in Asia, and you’ll have an excellent chance of spotting one-horned rhinos, deer, monkeys and 450 species of birds. If you’re extremely lucky, you’ll see leopards, wild elephants and sloth bears – though it’s the once-in-a-lifetime chance to spot a majestic royal Bengal tiger that attracts people in their droves.

The best option for experiencing Chitwan National Park is to stay in one of the luxury lodges located deep inside the park.

Day 1 Fly to KTM and connect flight to Bharatpur Airport .Drive 1 hour to the lodge, Lunch on arrival. Evening Elephant briefing and bathing of Elephants in the Rapti river.

Our trip started from Delhi, a flight to Katmandu, and u already feel the adrenaline rush, the view from up in the sky is majestic as flay over the hills and mountains. After Landing at Katmandu, we caught a short flight (15mins) to Bharatpur, in Nepal, the small 15 seater lands on a small air strip. Form here we headed for Chitwan via Car, a 1 hr long drive passing through scenic country side and one gets the feel of the Terrai region enveloping you from all sides.

We were greeted at the Barahi Jungle Lodge, by the ever courteous staff and treated to the most sumptuous and mouthwatering lunch in the Luxurious dinning area. Barahi is a luxury eco resort in Chitwan, on the banks of the river, its like being right in the middle of wilderness and having the best of nature and luxury.

Post lunch we retired to our rooms, anticipating the activities that lay ahead for us. The evening was spent bathing elephants in the river, we were met by elephant experts and given a brief about handling and being with the elephants. This activity is most relaxing and makes one feel so in touch with the animal. Kids really enjoy this activity. Tired we returned and were looking forward to a hearty meal and a good nights sleep.

Day 2 was meant for Jungle safari’s, early morning wake up and we were ready to head out for our 1st Jeep safari. It was beautiful and an amazing experience seeing the Terrai forest and the wildlife in this part of the world. We went for a boat ride in the evening observing and shooting crocodiles and Ghariyals, from the boat. This area gets a lot of migratory birds and it was fun filled evening, followed by a BBQ dinner organized by the resort.

Day 3 , early morning started with Elephant back safari in the jungle, birds flying past you and an opportunity to observe wildlife from close quarters.

Evening was reserved for another Jeep safari, on the dusty forest tracks, anticipating the glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger around every bend and on each stretch of grassland.

Returning back to the lodge, we spent a relaxing evening by the bonfire while the local Thuru dancers performed and this was a glimpse into the local culture of Nepal. This was the last evening we spent at Chitwan.

Day4 post breakfast w were packed and headed back to the Bharatpur airstrip to catch the connecting from Katmandu to Delhi.

Chitwan cannot be done justice to in just a few days, one feels like spending endless number of days sitting on northern bank of the Rapti River on the edge of the park, while many enjoy its social nature, and it is a great place to have a piping hot cup or tea or a beer watching the sunset over the river.

The nature of dense jungle, tall grass and the nocturnal hours kept by many animals are all factors that make spotting animals a lot more exciting, it’s all about the thrill of the chase and being out and about in tiger and rhino country.

For those wanting to go on such a trip pls feel to send in your queries to me at anumarwah1212@gmail.com