Millennials, You Have Loved These Music Videos, But Do You Know Where They Were Shot?


The Indi-pop scene picked up in India in the middle of the 90s. It was a time when the internet generation, the millennials, were glued to TV. The audience had moved from just audio (radio and records) to audio + video, and as such, videos had become a must to promote non-filmy songs. Most of these music videos had a story in them and sometimes, some really beautiful locations. Like me, you also might have loved these videos, but might not have recognised the locations in childhood.

So, here's a list of stunning locations from a curated list of melodious music videos that will send you on a nostalgic trip:

1. Piya Basanti Re

A soothing romantic song of sweet longing, shot aesthetically in the locales of Himachal, Piya Basanti is my favourite childhood song. If you too got glued to your TV screen when this song played, let me tell you where it was shot exactly at:

Kotgarh, Himachal Pradesh: 80 kms from the state capital of Shimla, you will find a quaint village by the name Kotgarh. For the exact feel of the music video, enjoy the altitude (1900 metres) of Kotgarh in the rainy season.

2. Dooba Dooba Rehta Hoon

Much before Mohit Chauhan became a popular name, he sung for his band called Silk Route. The visuals of Dooba Dooba take a literal manifestation when the singers are shown immersed in a lake. The lake where it was shot is:

Pawna Lake, Lonavala: A reservoir lake, 3 hours from Mumbai, Pawna lake is less than fifty years old, but that doesn't mean there is a dearth of beauty around it. An ideal camping spot after the rainy season.

3. Sochta Hoon Uska Dil

Sochta hoon uska dil will take you back to your days of first teenage crush. But if you want to visit the location where it was exactly shot, here it is:

Rashtrapati Niwas (Viceregal Lodge), Shimla: The Indian Institute of Advance Studies runs from this 140 year old heritage building in Shimla. You can see Viceregal Lodge in the background in many shots while most of the video is shot nearby.

4. Teri Deewani

Teri Deewani broke all records as soon as it was launched. The music video adds to the intrigue of this sufi song with a mystical charm of surrender in it. The city locales in the video add to the flavour:

Old City, Hyderabad: Many of the shots are right in front of the Char Minar. The trio can be seen playing at Golconda Fort. Some other scenes show Lumbini park and Haji Ali from Mumbai.

5. Tere Mere Sath Jo Hota Hai

Lucky Ali's entire discography is a travel show in itself, and as such it was difficult to pick one music video from it. However, I chose one where we can see him losing his own inhibitions and dancing for the only time ever. The song is shot at:

Havana, Cuba: Cuba remains an interesting destination to travel as a successful communist ideology driven country in the west. The vibe of the place is very different from the rest of the world, and most of the videos shot in the country try to depict this fact.

6. Saiyyan

I couldn't resist but add another Kailash Kher song to the list. Saiyyan came at a time when music videos had taken a backseat in the Indi-pop scene, and were getting limited to badly shot dance videos in a club. This song, however, takes you to a world where the story brings a sense of poignance and loss.

City Palace, Jaipur: One of the most instagrammed doors in India is here. So is a huge mirror vessel and so many antics belonging to the royals of Rajasthan. The entire video is shot within the premises of a palace, so watch the video for a virtual tour.

7. Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat Tumse

I remember Ho gayi hai tumse mohabbat more because another Indi-pop singer Shibani Kashyap features in the song. Shot vividly in the backwaters of Kerala, this will set you sail on a boat ride of emotions.

Alleppey, Kerala: Alleppey needs no introduction. It is the posterboy of Kerala tourism, and a trip to Kerala is incomplete without visiting this beautiful place.

8. Baahon Mein Chale Aao

Though a remix, Baahon men chale aao makes it to the list because of a relatively less viewed location on-screen, and of coursean interesting music video.

Adalaj Ni Vav, Gandhinagar: The song begins with shots from Rann of Kutch but ends with a beautiful 15th century stepwell on the outskirts of Ahmedabad called Adalaj Ni Vav.

9. Aur Aahista

A romantic melody every millennial swears by, Aur Aahista takes us back to the time when Pankaj Udhas ruled this space. If you guys love Sameera Reddy in the video, a reminder that she is active again, sharing body positive content on social media. The video was shot in:

Sydney, Australia: Australia hasn't been a very popular location when it comes to Indian filmmakers who prefer the west over it. However, the video gives us an insight into the everyday life in an Australian city, modern yet laidback.

10. Nothing of Our Own

Definitely not a nostalgic 90s song, Nothing for our Own released in 2019, and as such belongs to Gen Z more than the millennials. But it features on this list just because it brings back the style of those music videos. Aisha Ahmed can be seen in the video taking a journey to make up with her lover. Shot on the road between Mumbai and

Panchgani, Maharashtra: A pretty hill station close to Mumbai, Panchgani provides you excellent views of Dhom dam. It can be a great idea to go on a drive with your loved one to this place, especially during the rainy season.

These are just 10 song videos that I remember and could put under this list, but there are so many more.

If you know any other music video with a gorgeous location of which the world should know about, do share in the comments.