6 countries, 6 days: Interrailing in Europe

Photo of 6 countries, 6 days: Interrailing in Europe by Nasrin Rahman

What is interrail?

The Interrail Pass serves as a convenient and economical train ticket for exploring up to 30 European countries in a single trip. Age, travel experience, and group size do not matter; the pass accommodates solo adventurers and groups alike. Simply choose the travel duration and the appropriate Interrail Pass. The process is straightforward and accessible to everyone.

Day 1: Bordeaux and Arcachon

The adventure commenced with a flight from Dublin to Bordeaux. Bordeaux, known for its exquisite wines and stunning architecture, served as the perfect starting point. After soaking in the city's charm, the journey continued to the seaside city of Arcachon via Interrail. Arcachon’s coastal beauty provided a refreshing experience before returning to Bordeaux for the night. The hostel stay in Bordeaux for the night, cost around 33 euros.

Day 2: From Bordeaux to Paris

The next morning began with a rainy walk to the train station in Bordeaux. A train departing at 9:45 AM reached Paris by noon. A hostel in Paris, booked for 30 euros, provided accommodation for the night. The day was spent exploring Paris' iconic landmarks, immersing in the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and other significant sites.

Day 3: Journey to Amsterdam via Brussels

Wednesday brought an unexpected detour. The fast train to Amsterdam was unavailable, leading to an alternative route through Maubeuge. From Maubeuge, the journey continued through the picturesque Belgium countryside to Brussels. A brief stop in Brussels offered a taste of its unique culture before continuing to Amsterdam. The night was spent in an Amsterdam hostel, costing about 23 euros.

Day 4: Biking in Amsterdam and a Visit to Düsseldorf

Amsterdam greeted the day with its enchanting canals and vibrant streets. Renting a bike, the city was explored extensively. In the evening, a train journey led to Venlo and subsequently to Düsseldorf. A friend in Düsseldorf showcased the city's highlights, followed by a delightful dinner featuring traditional German cuisine. The hostel stay for the night cost around 30 euros. Stay was not very peaceful as I had roommates snoring.

Day 5: Through Switzerland to Milan

The journey on the fifth day involved numerous train transfers, navigating through Switzerland. The scenic route offered glimpses of the majestic Alps, the towns of Basel and Zurich, and the serene Lake Como. Milan was the final destination for the day, where the evening was spent enjoying football at a local bar, savoring good food and drinks. Accommodation in Milan cost around 40 euros for the night.

Day 6: Exploring Milan and Reaching Naples

Saturday morning in Milan involved exploring the city's rich cultural and historical sites before embarking on the final train journey. A wrong train led to some lost time, but Naples was eventually reached. The lively atmosphere of Naples, especially with a local football match, added to the excitement. Local food, music, and drinks enriched the experience. A hostel was booked for two nights at a cost of 80 euros.

Day 7: Return to Dublin

The adventure concluded with an early morning bus to the airport for an 8:55 AM flight back to Dublin. Arrival in Dublin was at 11:10 AM, followed by a journey back to Galway, reaching by 2:30 PM. The European escapade, filled with diverse experiences and unforgettable moments, came to a fulfilling end.