Discover Campania’s wild hinterland, with the food and wines tours of Irpinia Wine Trails

20th Jul 2020

In a world where everyone is always running around and the city slowly takes control of your life, blocking you with the smog and the grey of the ceilings, the perfect holiday would be an escape to the secrets of the nature, especially in the wonders of Irpinia. It is a magical place, nestled in the heart of South Italy, where the mountains and the sea meet at the horizon, creating a wind whirl of colours that will be the perfect setting for your holiday, in order to connect with the territory and enjoy your loved ones.

Thanks to Irpinia Wine Trails, you will be guided to the wonders of this exciting territory, learning about the local traditions of wine and food and the process of their products, which are curated in details, in order to provide only the best. You will find yourself in an exciting adventure, at the discovery of taste experiences nearby Naples and in the whole Campania Region. The guided group tours will lead you to the villages and the house farms where local population has carried on and kept alive centuries old traditions of tasteful and colourful food.

Thanks to our team of experts, you will be able to choose between many different experiences, which will make you explore the various world of food and wines of Irpinia’s food. The company offer many group tours to the discovery of wines’ production, since it is the pride and joy of this territory. For example, you could explore the villages nearby Avellino, such as Taurasi, where the Enologic Fair takes place during the festivity of August 15 and it is produced a rich red wine Taurasi DOC. You will also learn all the secrets about the renown Greco di Tufo, made by the most ancient and refined white grapes in South Italy.

The tours will bring you over also to the discovery of the amazing and tasty food that is born in these magical lands. You will learn about the magical ‘soppressata’, which is a typical cold cut of Irpinia, produced by farmers who follow the traditional smoking with oak wood, which leaves its recognizable sign. You can also travel to the hinterland, on Piana del Dragone, where you will experience the production of an unusual but delicious food, ‘formaggio ‘mbriaco’ (drunk cheese), which is called like that because of its aging in the (grape) pomace. Another amazing product typical of these territories is the ‘Caciocavallo of Irpinia’, made with mixed milk and the caciocavallo podolico, obtained exclusively by cows of this particular kind called podolica. This wonderful territory is also renown for many other high quality’s products, like the precious black truffle of Bagnoli, which can be paired with some local cold cut meat, truffle-flavoured cheeses and liquors, caciocavallo impiccato (hanged caciocavallo) and bread with truffles. But the hidden gem of the culinary world of Irpinia is the torrone, a traditional sweet which has been created in Dentecane, a village nearby. Last but not least, you could taste some of the best olive oil, sent all over the world from here.

Thanks to our tours, you will be able to walk through these villages, completely immersed in the nature and connect with the simple joys in life, tasting the products of ancient tradition and endless care from the local population, which will cherish your time and walk you through a journey of sensations and mostly peace. This will be the ideal setting for your holiday, where you could find yourself in a little piece of heaven, in these endless fields, full of lights.