55 years non-stop singing

Photo of 55 years non-stop singing by Stino

In the Bala Hanuman Temple in Jamnagar (Gujarat - India) people have been singing the name of lord Rama since august 1st 1964 without interruption (apart from changing singers). The Guiness Book of Records cover is reproduced on the outside of the temple very proudly. Here’s what the singing sounds like!

The man in the pictures is Shri Prembhikshu Maharaj, a great devotee of Rama. After becoming sannyasin (someone who turned away from all material possessions and emotional ties), he started continious chanting of Rama in Jamnagar (amongst other places) Shri Bala Hanuman Sankirtan Mandir is the oldest temple established by Shri Prembhikshuji Maharaj in 1963-64.