Top 10 Dirt-Cheap Joints for Late Night Food in Delhi!


You won't find most of these places on Zomato. So take this list seriously – especially during the weekends when you're in search of cheap late night food in Delhi after partying at expensive bars and nightclubs.

Here are the top 10 inexpensive places that offer late night food in Delhi:

1. Paranthas under the Naraina Flyover

Probably the most sure-shot eating option in Delhi, if hunger pangs have hit you at midnight. You'll find several parantha options – keema, aaloo, paneer, mix, gobhi, egg and more – all under one roof (rather a flyover) at throwaway prices. They are yummy and delivered right to your parked cars with dollops of butter on top.

How much: Rs 100 for two

Where: When coming from Dhaula Kuan, don't take the flyover to bypass Naraina. Take the straight road on the left instead. About 500 metres ahead, you will notice the commotion yourself.

2. Rajma chawal near Shivaji Stadium

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There are a couple of nameless places here that have only now started serving almost every dish in the book, but it originally became popular for the fantastic rajma chawal it serves beyond midnight. This place remains extremely crowded during the weekends till about 4am because everyone who's partying late in the proximity ends up here looking for late night food in Delhi.

How much: Rs 200 for two

Where: Right beside the main bus stop at Connaught Place.

3. Paranthas at AIIMS Metro Station

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There are two big reasons why food is available throughout the night near AIIMS. One, a lot of not very well-to-to people use the station to get their ailing relatives admitted to AIIMS, and because they don't have sufficient money to stay in hotels they spend their nights sleeping on the stairs of the AIIMS Metro Station. These cheap food stalls are paradise for those guys, and as well as for the rest of Delhi. Two, AIIMS is a landmark in Delhi.

How much: Rs 80 for two.

Where: AIIMS Metro Station, Gate No. 3.

4. Food vans in Noida Sec 58

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Noodles, paranthas, Maggi, South Indian, pasta, sandwiches and what not! What's your fix? You get any and everything at these MCD food vans all across Noida's sector 58 throughout the night. The flurry of multinational companies in the area has given birth to erratic eating habits amongst the employees, but the rest of us aren't complaining!

How much: Rs 120 for two.

Where: All around sector 58 in Noida.

5. Convergys Dhaba, DLF Cyber City

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Following the previous point, this dhaba also exists because of the presence of a lot of MNCs in the proximity. All call centre employees work according to GMT, and that means that their dinner timings are way past midnight. Mukesh Dhaba (popularly known as the Convergys Dhaba) is a legendary outlet serving proper meals all throughout the night there.

How much: Rs 150 for two.

Where: Adjacent to the Convergys building.

6. Kebabs in Old Delhi

If you're feeling like succulent kebabs in the middle of the night, there are always a couple of joints open in the Hauz Qazi lane. Two plates of four kebabs each with 10 rumali rotis costs a meagre Rs 150 there!

How much: Rs 150 for 2.

Where: Just 100 metres further than Karim's in the very same lane in front of Jama Masjid.

7. Kachori-samose outside Bangla Sahib Gurudwara

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As the famous saying goes, "Bhagwaan ke ghar mein daer hai, andher nahi" (At God's residence, there may be a delay but never a rejection) – this holds true at the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in Connaught Place. Even though the gurudwara kitchen closes at 11:30 in the night, there's no dearth of food around the place. You get hot tea, freshly fried samosas and kachoris all night long right at the temple's entrance. Talk about choices when hunting for late night food in Delhi

How much: Rs 80 for 2.

Where: Outside the back entrance of Bangla Sahib i.e. the entrance you come across while coming from the Hanuman Mandir side.

8. Egg bhurji at New Delhi Railway Station

Time, tide and the Indian Railways wait for no one. Thanks to the ever bustling nature of the capital's 2nd largest railway station, most of the local restaurants at the mouth of Paharganj are always open, welcoming guests with cheap meals. There are a couple of hawkers parked right outside selling egg bhurji like hot cakes; we strongly recommend those to you because they're fresh and filling at 60 bucks a buttered plate.

How much: Rs. 120 for 2.

Where: Right outside the Paharganj entrance of New Delhi Railway Station.

9. Parantha-lassi under Moolchand Metro Station

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There are only two people in the whole of Delhi that will gladly serve you a cream-filled glass of lassi at two in the night. One, your mother and two, the blessed guy sitting under the Moolchand Metro Station. If you're a proper Punjabi whose meal doesn't end with just a stuffed parantha, you can get fresh lassi here at anytime in the night for Rs. 35 a glass.

How much: Rs. 140 for 2.

Where: Right under the Moolchand Metro Station. It'll be impossible for you to not notice the commotion.

10. Chai-Maggi at HUDA City Center Metro Station

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Now that the famous Delhi winters have almost arrived at the doors, most of us would crave random cups of tea after midnight during the weekends. If you're feeling like a long drive, then the hawkers right outside HUDA City Center Metro Station serve great chai and Maggi all through the night.

How much: Rs 60 for two.

Where: HUDA City Center Metro's Main Gate-1

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