6 Things to Consider if You Want to Be An Artistic Travel Photographer

16th Dec 2019
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A travel photographer might seem like regular photographer, but there’s a little bit of difference, including some potential challenges along the way. This is no different than other forms of photography, namely fashion, press or commercial, each having its perks and challenges. As a photographer, while you are traveling, you must plan a lot of time ahead of you, be aware of your environment, have a robust camera and all others bits of necessary equipment. Whether you are a professional photographer or just want to capture beautiful photos of a long journey to New York, try to keep in mind some useful travel photo tips, that could help you along the way.

Pre-Trip Location Scouting

The first and main thing that should be considered by every photographer is the pre-trip location scouting, along with any good reads from various travel guidebooks. Search out your location ahead of time on the internet, read magazines and blog posts to get a better idea about the location, and talk to friends who may have been there to gain additional knowledge about which kinds of images you could shoot and which areas to look for to cover a wide range of scenes.

Choose the best time for the shoot

When it comes to photography, the time of the day is of great importance for nearly every photographer. Trying to find the best time to shoot is an important consideration for every photographer, as it will impact the amount of light available. Typically both sunrise and sunset are known for being the best times to shoot. If you have been planning to shoot a photo whereby your subject is a mountain, then ideally choose a place where the shadow is helping you craft the best outcome. Moreover, the first two hours before the start of the sunset is often deemed the best time for shooting.

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Set Your Camera Lenses Limit

Every photographer wants to use lenses which are easy to carry and light, while still producing a good outcome. Both 35mm & 50mm camera lenses are good choices for photographers, because they give you high-quality images and a fantastic balance between subject and landscape.

Adding a Model in Your Shoot

If you were to add a model in your shoot, then make sure this model is able to take directions, willing to try new things, flexible and able to best reflect the vibe of the destination. Remember, once you have the addition of a person into your shots, a lot of the output will depend on how well they integrate with the surroundings to give that “wow” effect.

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Settings of your Camera

The camera settings are very important part of your camera, so before using it, make sure you know most of the useful settings. However, if you do not know the core settings of the camera, then don’t worry, go to YouTube and watch some demos, this should help you speed up the learning process. You can also find various specialty books, depending on your make & model.

Remain Flexible

If you can't find a place where the clouds hide the mountain or where the waves break down – try to remain flexible, maybe you’ll get another amazing shot from a rain storm instead of bright sun. Generally you want to try to adjust to the circumstances and make the most of any moment. But remember, you should never give up in any situation.

The Final Words

To become fully immersed as a photographer is not terribly difficult, just try to remember what you share through your art. A successful fine art travel photography print can beautifully represent not only its natural surroundings but also bring other subjects into the mix.