Fun Facts to Know About New Zealand – Learn About the Land of the Kiwi


New Zealand has developed a reputation for being one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is also one of the most popular places to travel as well. However, despite all this fame, there’s still a lot to New Zealand that most travellers don’t know about. So, here are some fun facts about the country that you probably didn’t know.

Seeing the Sunrise

New Zealand is the first country in the world to see the sunrise every day! To be precise, the island city of Gisborne found along the North Island’s East Coast is where the first rays of the sun grace with each new day.

Making History

One of the most honourable facts that can be attributed to New Zealand is that it was the first country in the world that granted women the right to vote. This was in large part due to a woman by the name of Kate Sheppard and the movement she spearheaded.

New Zealand’s Volcanoes

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Now, if you’re staying at a cosy resort – perhaps one belonging to an international hotel group – you might not realise that New Zealand is home to a number of large volcanoes. In fact, the country is located on what’s been referred to as the Pacific Ring of Fire!

Lost Giants

New Zealand is well known for its avifauna – after all, the kiwi is one of the country’s national icons. However, back in the early part of the millennium, this land was ruled by avian giants. For instance, the titanic moa was a huge flightless bird that could tower over a grown man. What’s even more impressive is that there was a massive bird of prey – the Haast’s Eagle – that regularly hunted the giant moas!