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A weeklong festival is held sometime in the month of December. Try and be here at this time.
All through the week from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.
The Kankaria zoo is a delightful place that one can visit here.
Children below five are free to enter here. children between five to eighteen are charged INR 5.00 while adults pay INR 10.00.
All year
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Kankaria Lake

From rides on a toy train to visits to an aquarium and as well as a butterfly park, one can experience this all at Kankaria Lake. You may be wondering, ‘what about the prospect of boating?’ Well, yes, one can go boating and even enjoy some water sports here at the lake. If you wish to go on a cool stroll, then you will surely enjoy this lake and its pathways.
Tanvi S
Kankaria Lake, in Maninagar of Ahmedabad, was earlier known as Hauj-E-Kutub, is the biggest lake in Ahmedabad. The Lake is huge round shaped with all sorts of attractions around the perimeter of the lake. During the time of kings, this lake served as the bathing place for all the badshah's. Built by Sultan Kutubuddin in the 15th century, this lake consisted of a water purification system. The lake is circular, however, at one point it opens into a walkway, which leads to a garden called Nagina Wadi.Near the lake, there is a gym called Ambubhai Purani Vyayamshala. Today, this man-made lake is a popular picnic spot with lighted walkways and various food corners. This lake is located in the southern part of the city in Maninagar area. You can enjoy various things all together, starting from the zoo, water sports, mini train, butterfly park, etc. The entry fee was 15Rs per person. We enjoyed the thrill of speedboat ride (Rs 130/person) suitable for all ages. The train ride was also great - about 15 minutes, costing Rs 30/ person.
Diksha Pathak
We next headed to Kankaria Lake which was close, and walked through the lake. Saw the sunset there, and then we got out. After buying some Gujarati snacks from there we again boarded a bus back to station. And then took a train back home.Total cost- Rs. 3000-5000 per head (depends if you travel in Sleeper class or AC 3.)Places seen- Ahmedabad, Somnath, Dwarka.
Disha Kapkoti
Head out of the city to the quiet Polo Forest and visit the surrounding templesThe Polo Forest is a short drive away from the city, and the walk along the Harnav River here can be your first experience of the unexplored beauty of this state. Shiv temple at Sharneshwar, Lakhena temple and Jain temple are some of the spots you can see while visiting the forest.
Disha Kapkoti
Spend the evening at Kankaria LakeKankaria Lake is a must-visit location on this city tour around Ahmedabad. The amusement park and balloon safari are another major attraction at this place. The lake is also famous for India's biggest stone murals that can be seen on the park's sidewalk.
Priyanka Rai
Such a glorious place to visit. Act as a one stop for every entertaining and food lover people. The presence of Kankaria lake in itself is a pleasure to look in on. Loaded with numerous activities and spots, it never fails to mesmerize you.
Debabrata Nayak
#The ambience #the street food #the sunset
Vartika  Sharma
The biggest lake in Ahemdabad and one of the most favorite picnic spots of the people of Ahmedabad. The pleasing view of the lake, the humming and chirping of birds and the greenery bordering the lake will make you fall in love with this place. Boating facility and open buses to ride around the lake are also available. Kankaria Lake provides a beautiful view of the sunset. There is also a zoo and children's park located nearby the lake.