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Cafe Lilliput

Abhishek Singh
Head towards your place and get ready for some nightlife in Goa style. There are some places which are excellent in music, Bar, dance and crowd. You can try for LKP, Club Cabana, Tito's Club, Sinq Bar or Cafe Lilliput. I, either, have been there or heard a lot about this places. Most of the time, these places are pretty crowded and provide unlimited booze or food(depending upon the package).
Nayana Phukan
Cafe Lilliput
Samir Deshpande
After another wonderful evening we headed straight towards Anjuna Beach, Goa. Here we visited Cafe Lilliput and it was Bollywood night. We danced all night by the beach to some great tracks and thoroughly enjoyed till 4 A.M. In case you are interested, they also serve Sheesha (hookah) by the beach.
Rumana Shaikh
One of the best spots to hang out till late in the night! Dance on the floor, dance on the beach, dance in the water, its all your choice! Really good music, enjoyed thoroughly!