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Wadi Rum

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 Petra – Wadi Rum – Overnight camping @ Wadi Rum
Rajat Chakraborty
While you are exploring the South of Israel, Jordan is not very far from reach. You can hop into the neighboring Jordan to the ancient city of Petra, and Wadi Rum and Wadi Mousa City.7. Best Ways To Exchange CurrencyIf you are planning your trip in advance, it is a great idea to research forex before closing the deal. You can also get into an agreement with your bank where you hold a bank account to serve you with the Forex Card before your travel.Since you are looking for the best rates, you need to know that the Foreign Exchange is a volatile market and it fluctuates almost every day. When you negotiate with the banks, you should first check for the present day exchange rate before asking for an exchange as you might be charged with a 'flat fee' rather than variable one.
megha goyal
Just to give you a background, the red sand and barren rock landscape of Wadi Rum is very similar to Mars Land, huge red sand desert with tall barren deshaped rocks with almost zero vegetation creating a extraordinary Space like experience. Many Hollywood movies showcasing Mars has been shot here.. It was so confusing to make the bookings for Wadi Rum, I wanted it to be safe as I was supposed to stay in the middle of vast desert. Luckily one of my colleague from client site referred me to a camp owner and it turned out to be a clean and safe campsite.
Munjal Desai
Bhawna Garg