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Neha Manavi
We got up early as we had to cover 4-hour journey - From Bhuj to Dolavira and then we had to board train from Bachau station at around 7 pm.Dholavira is a historical place which was all about Harappa civilization. It is the most prominent excavation sites in the Indus valley civilization. Also, one of the 5 th largest sites in Indus valley civilization and the largest one in India.We were excited to see the other side of the Kutch i.e. the historical side of Kutch. We decided not to waste our time on food breaks so we quickly grabbed Hot Jalebis, Fafda with raw papaya chutney and had in the car. On our way we came across this beautiful extension of Rann of Kutch which was more divine compared to the popular site of Great Rann of Kutch.Extension of Great Rann of Kutch