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Dana Biosphere Reserve

We begin our drive back towards Amman with a stopover at the Dana Biosphere reserve, the country’s largest nature reserve, that’s replete with landscapes ranging from Middle Eastern to African. A wide range of species roam about in the vast reserve and the views are magnificent.The perfect way to end your honeymoon would be to check-in to the highly rated Feynan Ecolodge, considered among the world’s best environment friendly hotels. Lit only by candles at night, deep in the heart of the reserve, the ecolodge is maintained luxuriously with incredible attention to detail. The Bedouins who run the place will guide you on walks around the reserve and you could even take a bath in the nearby stream. The ecolodge is expensive at about INR 15000 per night but worth every penny.On the eighth and final day, drive back to your rental car depot and get dropped to the Amman airport for your flight back home bringing the curtains down on your first adventure as a married couple.
For nature lovers, Jordan is a delightfully unspoiled paradise. Dana Biosphere (Central Western Jordan), which is just 24 kilometers away from Shobak is Jordan’s largest nature reserve. It is both biologically and historically rich, with traces of Neolithic villages, ancient copper mines, Roman aqueducts and Byzantine churches found among its wilderness. It is highly diverse and the geology ranges from limestone to sandstone to granite mountains, lush hilly slopes, oak and juniper forests to scraggly scrublands and arid sandy deserts. It has some excellent campsites and guesthouses including the award winning Feynan Ecolodge. Several hiking trails are open and apart from a dizzying variety of birds (eagles, falcons, cuckoos, vultures etc) Dana is teeming with jackals, hyenas, wildcats, porcupines, hares, bats, hedgehogs, lizards, snakes, wolves, ibex, chameleons and fresh water crabs. More than 700 plant species have been recorded at Dana and recently 3 newly discovered plants have been found there.