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Acropolis of Athens
No visit to Athens is complete without exploring acropolis. Try to visit the ancient acropolis at the start or end of the day to avoid the crowd. You can go to the top of acropolis that’s where parthenon is located as well as other ancient remains. It takes around 15-20 minutes to climb to the top and you will be rewarded with incredible views of the entire city. You can buy a single ticket to acropolis or a combined ticket that includes entrance to number of different attractions.Cost : 30 euros for combined ticket
Arjun Chaudhuri
We next walked towards the Acropolis of Athens. We were fortunate to have an express entry and were greeted by music themes from the musician Yanni. The hills beyond the ancient structures of Acropolis, a cloudy skyline and greens adjacent to the architectural marvels added a surreal theme to the environment.
Nitish Mhatre
Day 2: The second day of our tour was quiet adventurous. This is simply because the climb to the most popular spot of all times i.e. Acropolis of Athens takes a good 30 to 45 minutes. Therefore, if you’re all set for this adventure, then see to it that you get your hiking shoes out and head straight to the Acropolis. While the climb might wear you out, the route to the Acropolis ensures that you keep going till the very end. With tiny yet the most beautiful villages on the way, the trip to Acropolis makes it totally worth all mini-trek.Once you reach the hill top, it takes another additional 30 minutes, since the ticket queue is crowded. See to it that you don’t give this queue a miss for unwanted hassle, later. Don’t be disheartened with the climb and the queue because there is no better feeling in this world than experiencing the breathtaking view on the top.
Rapti B
Acropolis of Athens, the highest pointThe most exciting part of day 1, and probably the trip to Athens, was our visit to the Acropolis of Athens. Most people head to the Acropolis with the idea that the Parthenon is Acropolis. Wrong. The former is one of the prominent structures that make up the Acropolis. The most famous Acropolis (highest point of city) in the world, the Acropolis of Athens, settled on a the top of a flat hill, comprises...
Rapti B
1 food (obviously!) 2 the Acropolis of Athens and 3 the Panathenaic Stadium in AthensWhy is this multi-purpose stadium so important? Because it is the site where the great-great-great and several more great granddaddies of the modern Olympic Games took place. These games were the Panathenaic Games held once in every four years. Sound familiar?To facilitate the games and other events, a wealthy Greek built a race course between two hills. This was sometime in 6th century BC. Presumably with the intention of making the stadium better equipped, the Roman senator Herodes Atticus had the racecourse rebuilt into a stadium with marble seats that could hold around over 50,000. As history unfolded, the stadium fell into disrepair and was buried under the sands of time until 1860 when it was excavated and spruced up to host a version of the Olympic Games. These were the Zappas Olympics, an attempt to revive the ancient Games by Greek businessman Evangelis Zappas. The stadium, meanwhile, was commissioned to be redesigned and rebuilt in Pentelic marble - the rebuilding was to be done on the basis of the original structure based on records from ancient texts. This was then thrown open to the public in 1896. Since then, the Panathenaic Stadium has been used for several games with international participation, including the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.History lessons aside, there is a simplicity to the structure of this historical that, in my sister's words, "adds grandiose to the simple splendour of marbles".In the midst of a bustling cityThe Panathenaic stadium is easily accessible, at the corner of a busy intersection yet rather quite inside. Come to think of it, the stadium was actually one of the least crowded among all the places we visited during our trip. Wonder why? Entry to the stadium is by ticket, along with an audio guide that you absolutely MUST take.