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Mount Lycabettus
Today Athens defines a round- the-clock discovery and shines in the makeover but that doesn’t justify one to forget it is here the first democracy and philosophy found its meaning.
Versha Sharma went to back to the rental shop and decided to walk to hotel back which was 6 kms away! Yes we walked 5 kms (not 6kms) after a hectic day. We saw buildings, people, train, bus, schools everything. We had a burger at Goody's and then went to Indian haveli. After that we were entering towards central part of city and we saw Temple of Olympian Zeus and then Parliament of Athens. There were other fine architectural buildings all over the way. Finally, our legs answered and we decided to hire a taxi for the distance left (1 km). We had to wake up early for our next destination. Stay tuned for my next blog!!
We took this trolley thing up Lycabettus Hill which is the tallest point in Athens. On the hill we had a 360 degree view of the entire city, something that we were looking forward to the whole trip.