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Panathenaic Stadium
Cost : 5 eurosThis stadium is a reminder that the Greek invented the olympic games. The stadium is huge and cladded with pure marble. You can get close to take pictures without paying entrance but I highly recommend buy the ticket to enter and go upstairs to get a fantastic view of the Acropolis. An audio device is included in the ticket and is well worth listening to.Entry fee: 5 euros
How often as a traveller, the thought to reduce carbon footprint springs to your mind? The good news is Athens sees a large number of two wheelers pedaling away in its famous neighbourhoods. Vintage bike tours are filling in to be a perfect way of seeing the city. On the tour, you’ll ride through the city center, the famous Plaka neighbourhood while getting on with the history and must visit landmarks of Athens. The tours will help navigate the many riches of Athens stopping by the famous Acropolis, the Panathenaic Stadium en-route snacking at some of best souvlaki joints and cafeterias of the city. The highlight is of course the bicycles, all restored vintage models and in top shape. Athens is sunny and warm year-the-round, inevitably luring all the bike aficionados into city-riding. Don’t you wish to have such tours that offers both adventure and spectacular views, albeit from a lower ground?
Rapti B
Mention Olympics Games now and I will spend a healthy few minutes talking about the spectacular Panathenaic Stadium in Athens. The gleaming marble of the stadium, the podium for winners and the Olympic Games symbol etched on the ground, the atmosphere here is one of passion - the passion to achieve, to succeed and win!
The Trunk Travellers
Another must visit is the Panathenaic Stadium where ancient Olympic games were held which is built entirely of marble.
Madhura Kane
The Site of the first modern Olympic games, it is a grand site made of marble