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Acropolis was a citadel which had Parthenon as a temple of Goddess Athena. The structure proudly stands even today boasting the height of 490 feet having the surface area of around 7 acres. On the top, apart from the floating clouds on the top one can enjoy the view of entire Athens. The structure also has an amphitheatre and various temples of other Greek Gods.
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# the Temple of Athena Parthenos better known as Parthenon (below) - temple dedicated to goddess Athena, the patron of the people of Athens. Regarded as the symbol of Ancient Greece and civilization, it is one of the most important buildings with the high points lying in the sculptures that adorn it. The building has also served as a church, a mosque and an ammunition storage house.
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Day 2: This is going to be a hectic day so make sure you wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Start early to buy a pass for Acropolis and the historic sites surrounding it. After exploring the Acropolis and the Parthenon, you can walk to the Ancient and Roman Agora.
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