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Versha Sharma
After Acropolis we went to Plaka. Its a beautiful street market with many beautiful shops and amazing restaurants. Somewhat looks like cybercity Gurgaon. We had a great lunch their. Being Vegetarians me and harjot had limited options. So, a decent meal costs you 12-15 euros which includes a pizza and ofcorse the Greek Salad. Then it was turn for anafiotika and it was OMG! . Very beautiful streets with divine restaurants laden with flowers.
Design Pandits
* Coffee at Plaka.
On our first day in Greece we were still pretty jet lagged so took it easy and just toured the surrounding neighborhood Plaka. Plaka is a charming neighborhood with many shops and restaurants. It's generally and touristy area but the food is pretty incredible. We ate at the above restaurant and had incredible bolognese. It's not the kind in US with red sauce but more of a meat and oil sauce which reminds me of the way my grandma used to make it Sitting outside to eat is like a religion in Greece. Every single placed we passed was completely empty inside. Even in the frigid night, heat lamps are put out for people to site and eat outside.