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Temple of Olympian Zeus

Around the Acropolis, we also saw Temple of Olympian Zeus who is another popular God in their mythology. Zeus is the most powerful God who is the father of all Gods and men. He is the sky of God who controls the lightning and thunder. The ruined Temple of Zeus that we see today in the archaeological site of Olympia was built to honor him and to safeguard his supremacy . This was probably constructed when the ancient Olympic Games were at their peak.
Solo Traveler Nafeesa
Timing: 9 am-3 pm during winter.Entry ticket: 5 Euros.After lunch I went to see Temple of Olympian Zeus. I reached there at 2:30 PM and was told it’s free entry for last 30 mins. Lucky meeee…… The columns are magnificent. Corinthian column will leave you in awe.Later I went to look for day tour to Delphi & Epidaurus. I got pretty good deal of 75 Euros per tour with lunch. Otherwise people usually pay between 85-90 Euros per tour. 80 Euros without lunch.