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Theatre of Dionysus

Rapti B
# the Theatre of Dionysus (below) - dedicated to Dionysus, the god of plays and wine, it is said to be the first theatre ever and the birthplace of Greek tragedy
Rapti B
Three days in Athens were akin to a revision course in Greek history. And if you are well versed in Greek mythology and armed with an active imagination (like me!), you can visualise the kings, queens and their subjects enjoy the arts in the Theatre of Dionysus, marvel at the planning of the Acropolis, pay respect to warriors laid to rest in Kerameikos or walk through the tunnel used by sportsmen at the Panathenaic Stadium.What is absolutely fascinating is the methodical (to my eyes at least) manner in which the tangible parts of Greek history are being restored and maintained.
Here is the Theatre of Dionysus which was one of the earliest theaters in the world where plays were performed in honor of the God Dionysus. It's not restored and not in use anymore but beautiful nonetheless. Just imagine all the ancient Greeks that have sat on those steps and now little ol me is standing on them. Crazy crazy.