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We followed the recommendation of our bartender and hit up the hottest new nightclub in Athens called W. E.W. can talk his way into any club so before we knew it we were escorted to the VIP area without having to pay a cover charge.W was without a doubt my number 1 club experience EVER. Las Vegas, Amsterdam and New York don't even compare to Greek nightlife. I usually hate large nightclubs, but this place was stunningly lit and filled with beautiful people. The dance floor was madness and we didn't dare step onto it in fear of getting trampled. The music was a very light lyrical house type music which was so chill...like nothing I had ever experienced before....none of that BUMP BUMP BUMP jersey shore music crap that techno parties in US tend to play.They even had go-go dancers who were just ok. I took a pic with one but I looked so retard drunk that I dare not post it.