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Khir Ganga Ghat

Abhinaw Chauhan
Baijnath might be famous for its Shiva Temple, but the most beautiful place in Baijnath is Khir Ganga Ghat. Khir Ganga Ghat is just in few steps away from the Baijnath Temple. It is located in the bank of the river Binwa. The panoramic view of the Dhauladhar Range makes the view even more pleasing. A perfect place to sit and enjoy the music of nature. You could sit down and spend hours just seeing the beauty of Binwa river. The peace in the valley, the music of the river, the view of Dhauladhar Range and the scenic beauty of the place can't let you leave the place. We spent almost an hour there, do lots and lots of fun and experience the scenic beauty of Khir Ganga Ghatand Binwa river.