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Cubbon Park

This is a very important landmark of Bangalore and is named after Sir Mark Cubbon, who served as the governor of Mysore for the longest period. Later in the 19th century, this park was named as Raja Chamarajendra Park, after the king of Mysore. The more popular name is still Cubbon Park as it is easier to pronounce. There are over 6000 species of plants here including some very rare ones. The Silver Oak planted here was the first kind of Oak ever introduced here and was brought down from Australia. The Statues of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Edward II are also erected over here. This park is a favorite of morning and evening walkers, nature lovers and children especially.
Payal Mathur
9. Cubbon ParkThis is another prized jewel for the Garden City. Drop dead in the center of the city, within walking distance of its administrative center is this calm expanse of greenery. This park is 300 acres of local and exotic plants, chirping birds, winding footpaths and a variety of historical landmarks. The perfect space for a breath of fresh air.
Anila Kopparapu
Cubbon Park
Fatema Diwan
Take an evening stroll at Cubbon Park
Krishna Dubagunta
This is the biggest park in Bangalore. Various trees were there in the park and is the best place for Lovers. Closer to UB City, M.G Road, Brigade Rd.