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Lingaraj Temple Bhubaneswar

Krishna Raghav
2. Lingaraja Temple - Lingaraja Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is, again, evidence of architectural prowess of the rulers of Odisha. Like the Jagannath Puri temple, the temple compound consists of many small temples besides the main one. Each small temple is dedicated to a different form of Lord Shiva.* Non Hindus are not allowed to enter the temple. * Mobile phones are not allowed inside the temple.
Siva Prasad
31st destination was Lingaraj temple. It is a Hindu temple dedicated to Harihara, another name for Lord Siva is the biggest of all at Bhubaneswar is located within a spacious compound wall of laterite measuring 520 feet by 465 feet. The wall is 7 feet 6 inches thick and surmounted by a plain slant coping. Alongside the inner face of the boundary wall there runs a terrace probably meant to protect the compound wall against outside aggression.
Shaunak Bhattacharjee
4. Lingaraja Temple.5. Mukteshwara Temple.