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Hotel Barlovento

After a less than perfect night in Tayrona National Park (it’s all funny now), we migrated maybe five miles North to a “hotel” called Barlovento. We heard about it from another traveler and figured it was worth a shot — we still had another couple days before our flight to Bogota. When we arrived, we were kind of kicking ourselves for not having gone there earlier. Thankfully they had a vacancy when we just showed up at their four-room hotel. This place was built about 40 years ago as someone’s dream vacation home and was a private (yet mostly unused) residence for most of the time. It recently was opened to the public as a hotel. It’s not easy to find or well publicized, but worth seeking out. It’s perched right over the ocean and the rooms are open air, so you literally feel like you’re sleeping suspended above the water. It sounds as if the waves might crash right into your room.