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Foz do Iguacu

Samiran Mondal
Don't be surprised the agency added another dozen and half of lovely Indian folks. So our total count is 19 including our agency manager cum guide who speaks quite fluent Portuguese despite being an Indian.So we checked in our hotel around 8 AM in the morning and after quickly getting freshen up we devoured into breakfast and completely snapped in few minutes. Overnight journey is always hectic and we were able to feel it but our excitement was in no mood to maximize that.So we headed for the Iguaçu falls, it was around 5 km drive through a picturesque city with roads appearing like mirage throughout and passing across signals with zero to moderate traffic.
Varun Suchday
Foz do Iguacu: Enormous waterfall that boggles your imagination. You stand in the midst of water roaring down all the mountains around you. It makes your heart beat faster and leaves you teary-eyed with nature’s beauty flowing with the falls
Vineet Kumar
9. After spending 3 eventful days in Rio, flew to Foz du Iguachu, Brazil which is located at the confluence of river Parana & Ignachu and also shares international boundary with Argentina and Paraguay. The main attraction out there is the Iguachu Waterfall, arguably the most beautiful in the world.