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Boulders Beach

Nikita Mathur
Arnab Sarkar
The easiest way to reach Boulders Beach is to drive straight on the same road from Simon's Town- either you will see a Penguin crossing your road or you will see notice board requesting to drive slow as Penguin may cross your path !!!! Boulder's beach is famous for African Penguins. No one knows from where they came. It is heard initially two penguins came and local people used to take care of them. Then it was a big troupe of them and they made Boulders Beach as their colony. Some time these days local people really think whether they did correct by giving initial shelter as Penguins are late night party animal and they love shouting in the night!!!
Devansh Dhar
We started the road trip by heading towards Boulder's Beach to see small and cute little penguins. Admission fee to the place is 152 ZAR for Non-SA nationalities. My friend couldn't control her excitement on seeing them for the first time.
Day 2: Explore the beaches and do some wine tasting.MorningHead south of Cape Town towards the Boulders beach. The place is rarely crowded and is an ideal swimming spot. But the best part about this beach is the penguins’ colony. If you want to see the penguins closely, head towards Foxy Beach. At Boulder’s Visitor Centre, you can get information about the penguins. Just one tip, to see the penguins in action, the best time is to visit is the summers.
We then saw one of the most peculiar beaches of South Africa which was only habitat of penguin.