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Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve

Arnab Sarkar
Cape of Good Hope- the place where Portuguese explorer famous Bartholomeo Dias landed in 1488 and found out the route to travel towards East. History knows the significance of this achievement when Vasco Da Gama reached India following this route and opened a new World to European Countries- the land of opportunities- India. The name of "Good Hope" really came true as this was the first possible way to reach India completely via sea avoiding the Arabian Peninsula. But reaching to Cape of Good Hope for Bartha was not by choice but rather by chance. People says that due to a very bad ocean storm his ship came to this land. This is why initially the named it as Cape of Storm. Later the king renamed it as Cape of Good Hope as it showed the path to the East. Probably it proved again that luck always favours the people who never leave hope and keep trying.I went back to those days and in my mind I was really surprised thinking about the never dying spirit of those people who with minimal or no technology support sailed to satisfy their addiction to adventure."Shankar" lives in lot of people in century after century. :)
Devansh Dhar
Next stop on our itinerary was the Cape of Good Hope which happens to be the southernmost point in South Africa. The admission fess is 303 ZAR for Non-SA people. A nice road leading to the place where one has the option of either taking a funicular or to hike to the mountain top for some breathtaking views.
It is also known as the Cape Point Nature Reserve as it consists of the two famous spots, The Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point, the south most and the south-western most point of Africa, respectively. Hiking is the best option to absorb the beauty of this place to the maximum. Hikes are arranged by the reserve itself and even though you might be an experienced hiker, it is advised to take a professional guide with you.