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Table Mountain

Rohini Banerjee
The next day morning, as planned, we took the city siteseeing bus to explore the beauty of Cape Town at our own pace. It was a beautiful day, bright and sunny, perfect for a visit to the Table Mountain. Hence, the Table Mountain had to be our first stop.
Belita Pinto
 Table Mountain-As the name suggest, the mountain is in the form of a table. There are cable cars that take you right to the top. Once at the top, the view is splendid. The mountains provide a wonderful view of Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope along with many other interesting points. There is also a souvenir shop on top along with a cafeteria. Its good to go early as it gets crowded later during the day. Also, the weather up there will be much colder so carry enough woollens.
Tropical Owl
For the day 5 we planned to hike up to the table top mountain, but we were not sharp enough to plan this as the sun was already up and the time we reached the starting point it was just above the head. (we did have a cableway option)Hiking up such steep mountain at such temperature wasn't my cup of tea though I did try hiking up but returned half way and booked a cable cars 2 way ticket for 330 ZAR (1700 INR).The view from top of table top mountain is spectacular, you can see all of cape town from there.It was hell windy when I reached there that we felt like we'll be blown by the wind.There's a food garage too, to stuff on something after the tiring hike people do.
Day 1: Explore Cape Town, V&A Waterfront, Bo Kaap, Table Mountain and Lion’s headMorningBegin your day early so that you have more time to explore the city. The first stop for the day will be V&A Waterfront or Promenade. Morning time is great in this area, the place is not too crowded and you can have a quiet walk or even jog. Enjoy the fresh sea breeze while looking at the various options at breakfast.
Vaibhav Annam
After the tour, my host Mike was glad to accompany me on a trek to the famous Table Mountain. We took the Plateklipp Gorge route and it took us a little over an hour to reach the summit. We came down via the Cable Car. And the day ended with Mike and I pub-hopping on Long Street and Bree Street. He was one cool host. Coincidentally, it was Halloween night.