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Navy Pier

Saini Krishnamurthy
Next stop was the historic Navy Pier. Although it was a little far, I decided to walk to the Pier, as the road was quite scenic, with views of the Chicago skyline, and the waters. I booked a ticket for the boat cruise on the Chicago River and Michigan Lake (the ticket costs $35). As the cruise was not due to start for an hour, I quickly grabbed a burrito bowl at a nearby TexMex restaurant.
Karthik Rao V
A long 3,300 foot pier on the shoreline of Chicago's Lake Michigan, the Navy Pier is a 50 acre play are filled with entertainment, restaurants, activities, museums, and shopping areas which makes it an ideal place to have fun and visit in Chicago. At the time it was constructed in the 19th century, it was arguably the largest pier in the world attracting ships and visitors from all around the world. Inside it is also a Navy Pier Ferris Wheel which is a 150 feet tall structure and looks even more beautiful when fully illuminated in the night.
Gargi Vishnoi
Navy Pier is sheer excitement! You have boat tours, rides, shopping, food everything. It's a heaven for kids and some of us looking to unleash the child within. The boat tour throughout the city is a good deal mainly if you are short of time. In fall the Halloween decorations are a treat!
Nehal Davda
Navy Pier was the first place I visited in Chicago.