Jemima Durnford
We quickly knew we were back in china when we stopped at about 6:00am wondering whether we were in Nanning. Most people got off the bus but no one could explain to us where we were and we finally managed to work out that we were in fact opposite Nanning bus station, great communication! So we jumped off the bus, half asleep and made our way over. Things then got a bit stressful as we didn't have enough yuan to buy bus tickets and the ATMs wouldn't accept our cards. We had to queue up a few times trying to decipher the language and Liam ended up having to get a taxi to the nearest bank. Finally sorted, we got on a bus a short while later and were happy to be on our way to Vietnam, especially during the day. We'd heard horror stories about crossing the border at night. One girl we'd met back in Beijing told us she'd had knife pulled on her and told to keep quiet while he took things from peoples bags!