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But when we got to the Caribbean coast, something strange happened. We were sitting in Mamallena hostel in Cartagena, and noticed an advertisement for a new location that they just opened in Rincon del Mar. "What if we went there?", I mused to my husband.We did about 1 hour of research and found out that:1) Almost nobody travels southwest down the coast to Rincon del Mar.2) Part of the journey there would require us to ride on the back of a motorcycle taxi while balancing our backpacks.3) There is a grouping of picture perfect and little known islands an hour by boat from Rincon called the San Bernardo Islands. You can only make the journey if the seas are calm enough for the small lanchas to pass through the open waters.For the first time in my life, I decided to make an impulsive travel decision. And to add to that, we were heading to a very undeveloped area with little to no information. This must be what an adventure feels like!How to Visit this Remote Paradise
We arrived in this colorful and vibrant city and though exhausted from all the festivities and travel, we pulled it together and went exploring. The narrow, winding streets that eventually take you to a dead end at the old fortress walls remind me a bit of the confusing lanes in Venice. We stopped for an afternoon snack of a ceviche sampler, plantain and manioc chips + guac, and crispy fish bites in a lovely cafe. Afterward I swore I could navigate us back to the hotel. Jeff played along all the while smirking at my utter lack of direction. We walked in a big circle and ended up back at the cafe. I blame in on the jet lag… Wait, we’re only an hour ahead of Colorado? OK, I blame it on the wedding hangover.