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3 out of 10 attractions in Dapoli

Ladghar Beach

tushar bhanushali
During three days of stay we were hitting beach in morning, evening and night as well. Luckily the temperature after evening was dropping up to 19 degree so we managed to do bonfire one night. During the night time, the reflection of moon in sea was just mesmerizing.
tushar bhanushali
We reached our resort around 7pm where we took our dinner. Our stay was pre-booked with Pears Beach Resort . The beach was bang opposite to the resort that we can just walk to it in just a minute.
If you ever wanted to feel part of this whole universe, one sure shot way to do so is to fall asleep to the sound of sea waves crashing. A group of friends and I did this close to Ladghar beach, Dapoli in Maharashtra. We hired a house which was exactly a five minute walk from the beach. We chose to sleep on the terrace of the house gazing at stars and listen to the sea waves crash. The sound cricket and other night animals also create a fear of the unknown, but listen to sea waves alone and you would feel home. The experience has been awe inspiring that it puts a smile on my face even as I write this. Do allow yourself this privilege in this lifetime.PS. I do not have the right camera or the right intent to waste my precious night moments with the beach to click pictures, neither should you.