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Devbaug Beach

Around 4 we got out of the Hotel it was still hot and hired an Auto Rickshaw for Devbagh beach which is about 5 Kms. from hotel but the Guy started asking for Rs.150/- he told "you see the place where I'll take you and then give whatever you like". He took us to a place from where we walked about a kilometer and half through the beautiful casuarina grove to reach the Log huts of the Devbagh Beach Resort from there we went on to the Devbagh Beach it was really serene with a few people bathing in sea we walked through the white sand in the backdrop of casuarina trees and clicked pictures of the setting sun.The driver asked we want to watch the sun set from there or from a "better" spot near theKali River Bridge. We agreed to him and he speeded up the Auto as the sun was decending rapidly and the driver was racing with the sun so that we reach vantage point before sun god calls off the day. We reached Kali river's bridge when sun was above the horizon but was hid behind the clouds so we could not see a 'perfect' sun set but clicked the pictures of the picturesque River Kali, the bridge in the background of the western ghats and houseboats in backwaters (yes they do have a kind of backwaters). Then we ate the local ice-creams u know like the baraf-Ka-gola sort of thing.
Aditi Pandya
Day 2: We went to Devbaug, Tsunami island, golden rock and to watch the dolphins. All this takes around 4 hours, and would suggest to start a little early around 7ish in the morning. We had our boat (you can always team up with other tourists). We could cite the dolphins a little ahead of the “sagar sangam” (this is where the river meets and sea). I was very excited to see the dolphins as it was my first time. From there we went to the golden rock – this name is significant as the rays of the sun make the rock glow as gold, on our way back we stopped at the tsunami island, it’s a less crowded beach (please carry water as it is not commercial) we were on the island for around an hour from where we went todevbaug for some water sports. I did kayaking there, while you can have a wide variety of other water sports activity.Post this came back to our resort, rested for a bit and in the evening we headed again to the beach. I can never have enough of it.P.S. For beer lovers, there is only 1 place you get it, and the Madekar family with arrange it for you or you can fetch it for you it’s close to the tarkarli beach.Day 3: We went for snorkeling and deep sea diving. While I opted to do snorkeling (I have done deep sea diving before and it’s worth an experience in Lakshadweep), the water was not too clear due to the weather, the locals told me December is the best time for it, in this region. Snorkeling and deep sea diving is done at the malvan getty.Post this we did some shopping of malvani masala (fish and chicken), kokam sharbat and pickle (mango and prawns). We had our train back to Mumbai in the evening and thus took an auto back to Kudal station.The high point of my stay was the locals and dolphins.
Nikhil Shinde
For the evening, we check out from Konkan villa and head towards Tsunami islands, Devbaugh for another sunset. The name actually comes from the Tsunami in 2004 which resulted in the formation of this small island, which magically submerges underwater at night. One can enjoy the serenity of the still backwaters and just lay down on the sand. The islands actually seem to be the "Indian version of Kaho na Pyaar hai" island as quoted by one of my friends.
Nicole Ferreira
On our second day we decided to go to Devbaugh beach for some water sports. Devabugh is barely 2kms away from Tarkarli. Devbaugh offers a boat tour which takes you to see a few places like the Tsunami Island, Bhogvati beach, Golden rock etc. 
Shreya More
A small village with long narrow stretch of beaches on either side Devbag is situated in the malvan Taluka in the Sindhudurg district. Devbag is a part of the Konkan coast in Maharashtra. Devbag has a traditional rustic feel to it with some of the village houses made up of hay and mud. From anywhere in Devbag, one can hear the sound of waves as the beach is just a few metres away. A boat from Devbag takes the adventure junkies to an island nearby known as ‘Tsunami Island’ where all the water sport activities are held One can indulge in activities like parasailing, jet skiing, etc. My parasailing experience was just breathtaking. Launching off of the boat was the most exhilarating feeling I have ever had. I was tied to a parachute and as the boat picked up speed I went up into the air. It was a feeling of flying, of soaring over the pristine ocean. As the sound of the boat drifted away I rose slowly higher and higher above the water. The boat below me seemed to get smaller and smaller while the full coastline came into my view. The peacefulness that I felt was like none I have ever experienced, it truly served as a mind opener. Floating over the ocean, watching the amazing sights of the coast, and soaring across the sky made me feel invincible, that I could do or be whomever I wished to. Overcoming my fear of heights in such an extreme way I believe is a little humorous. I realize that I could have overcome my fears in a much easier and less audacious way. Our journey was a one full of adventure. Adventurous sailing in the middle of the sea, collecting star fish, chilling at the beach, befriending locals, there was nothing that we didn’t do. If you are looking for a place with beautiful clean beaches and good malvani food, this is your destination. It’s not very touristy and not filled with too many people (depends on the season you visit in) and yet not too lonely. Tarkarli, a small modest village with helpful people and untouched beaches could end up becoming your favorite weekend getaway. This travelogue was first published by Shreya More .